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Grips and fixtures are integral components of a complete closure testing system. Gripping samples correctly for testing is a fundamental aspect of test repeatability, and consideration must be given to both the closure itself and the container, if appropriate to the test. The sample must be held firmly enough not to slip, but not so as to distort it, or introduce localised changes in sample performance under load.

Mecmesin offers a range of standard grips to hold or operate the closure (usually the upper grip) and the container (usually the lower) in both torque and force testing applications. For specialized requirements, our team of experienced engineers can design customized fixtures, such as cap mandrels, to match your particular criteria specifications. Mandrels can be custom-sized, split or pneumatically operated, and appropriate for plastic, metal or cork closure materials.

Other miscellaneous accessories enabling calibration checking, protection and external data connectivity are also available.

Grips and Fixtures Catgories