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Choosing your accessories

To achieve accurate test results it's important that your sample is gripped and held correctly. Mecmesin provides a wide range of grips and fixtures for use with our force and torque equipment.

Your test sample should be held securely, so it cannot move during testing and without being deformed.

Creating custom accessories

Mecmesin can design custom grips and fixtures for parts or components with unusual shapes or finishes.

Using 3D printing and CNC machining our expert in-house design and manufacturing team can developed precisely what you need.

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PDV11100, PDV12062 and PDV13178
Custom profiled mandrels assure acurate removal torque measurement of CRC caps
PDV13011, PDV13023, PDV13036, PDV14106
Gripping the closure without distortion to avoid additional frictional forces is essential for accurate closure torque testing
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Dedicated moulded mandrels avoid distortion of the closure on gripping
This grip allows smaller samples to be securely held in a centrally-aligned position
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Efficient testing is facilitated by this pneumatic sample lifing mechanism