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A complete cork testing solution for Champagne, sparkling wine and still wines
Test release torque and extraction force
Custom-designed fixtures
Bottle cradle and drip tray ensure bottles stay in the correct position and protect the system from spillage.

Measure the quality of your Champagne, sparkling and still wine corks with just one system

Designed in partnership with Oeneo Bouchage, one of the worlds leading cork manufacturers, the "Combi" Cork Extraction Tester performs two different tests;

  1. A torque based cork extraction test (Champagnes / sparkling wine corks and spirit bottle stoppers)
  2. A straightforward cork pull-out test (still wine corks)

This versatile system enables you to test;

  •  To the industry Champagne and sparkling wine standard
  •  Pull-out force to ISO standard 9727
  •  Natural, synthetic corks and spirit bottle stoppers
  •  Corks from different sized bottles

Compatible with Mecmesin's data acquisition software

The CombiCork extraction tester can be used in conjunction with Mecmesin's data acquisition software, enabling further evaluation of results.

CombiCork extraction tester has a clear LCD screenThe keypad is designed to make testing as simple and quick as possible.
Cork extraction force and peak torque measurement are taken simultaneouslyResults are shown clearly on the display with additional functions including; audible and visual alarms, memory up to 500 readings and option to export results for further evaluation.
Gripping the cork securely for extraction force and torque measurement is essentialCam-operated fixture jaws, used for cork extraction tests, are designed to hold the cork securely in place, without pinching it.
Secure gripping of the glass bottle is required for accurate extraction measurementThe bottle cradle uses a non-slip surface, ensuring bottles stay in the correct position.
Safety features for cork extraction testing include spillage considerationsThis system is designed to ensure protection from spillage, including a drip tray located beneath the test area, and is CE marked to European standards.

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Accessories for this System
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DP1-VR Series 264-Digimatic Mini-Processor (UK)