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Unlimited capability for all closure torque tests
Designed to run sophisticated routines for more demanding test procedures. Ideal for closure system product development and design optimisation
Ultimate accuracy and repeatability
Computer-controlled, motorised clockwise or anticlockwise torque application at constant velocity, combined with comprehensive calculation and evaluation tools to capture strategic events
Top-loading capability
Apply set loads during torque testing, particularly suitable for child-resistant closures
Versatile tester
The Vortex-i is used to test a variety of closures including metal ‘Stelvin’ caps on wine bottles, plastic tamper-evident closures on PET bottles, child-resistant (CRC) closures on pharmaceutical containers and corks

Unlimited capability for torque testing all closure system designs

The Vortex-i motorised torque testing system provides constant rotational speed to enable accurate, repeatable, closure torque measurement. Top-loading allows push and turn CRCs to be tested and the ability to write advanced test programs gives designers the power to optimise functionality.

Programming environment allows unique tests and calculations to be createdRun sophisticated routines for closure system product development and design optimisation.
  •  Build your own test program, unique to your closure system
  •  Gain accurate test data with constant motor-driven rotation
  •  Capture strategic events, reliably identify breakaway torque with fallback/sensitivity control
  •  Evaluate results in-depth, performing standard or bespoke calculations
Top loading allows the push force on the CRC to be set to then measure the torqueFor TE closures, Vortex has the sensitivity to detect:
  •  The applied torque as the closure is tightened
  •  The strip torque as the closure is overtightened
  •  The release (peak) torque as the first seal is overcome
  •  The slip and bridge torque where the tamper-evident band separates from the screw closure.

For CRCs, masses are added to the top-load carrier to apply a constant down force while rotating the closure and measuring the release torque.

Output custom formatted reports easilyWhen further evaluation of results is required, a range of calculations are available to help pinpoint areas of interest, for example to accurately differentiate between the breakaway torque peak and the tamper evident band breakage event. Standard and customisable report templates enable easy documentation creation, which can be stored and exported to Microsoft Excel® and SPC packages.
Console mode allows quick access to pre-programmed testsConsole Mode allows tests to be created very simply by selecting options from radio-buttons and drop-down boxes. A number of pre-configured calculations are available and can be included by simply clicking with the mouse. Console mode is ideal for use on the factory floor by operators who need only minimal training to load and run programs directly from one of the five “Favourite” buttons.
  •  Capacities from 0.3 N.m to 10 N.m.
  •  Intelligent Torque Loadcell capacities: 0.3 N.m, 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, 10 N.m (2.7 lbf.in, 13 lbf.in, 26 lbf.in, 52 lbf.in, 90 lbf.in)
  •  maximum sample height of 448 mm
  •  Width between columns 280 mm (11")
  •  Capacity of upper mounting table from 10 to 78 mm (0.39 - 3.1")
  •  Capacity of lower mounting table from 10 to 190 mm (0.39 - 7.48")
  •  Load accuracy is ±0.5% of full scale
  •  Load resolution is 1:6500
  •  Speed range of 0.1 - 20 revs/min (clockwise and counter-clockwise)
  •  Maximum displacement of 2440 revs
  •  5 kg top loading capability

* measured with upper and lower mounting tables fitted

Accessories for this System
Provides a stable base on which to mount awkwardly-shaped samples
Large saddle plate
Secure, consistent gripping of Stelvin closures is enabled with this pneumatic split mandrel
Stelvin aluminium closure split mandrel, pneumatic
Secure, consistent gripping of cork closures is enabled with this split mandrel
Split-mandrel cork grip
keyless chucks offer adjustability in gripping samples
Upper keyless chuck, square drive
Keyless chucks allow quick-change adjustability in gripping samples
Lower keyless chuck, large, round shaft
Keyless chucks are available for quick-change lower fixturing
Lower keyless chuck small
Efficient testing is facilitated by this pneumatic sample lifing mechanism
Pneumatic lift mechanism, Vortex
Dedicated moulded mandrels avoid distortion of the closure on gripping
Dedicated moulded mandrels
Dust covers offer protection to test stands in dusty and dirty environments
Dust cover, MultiTest and Vortex
Torque reference bottle
Adapter to drive the Torque Reference Bottle calibration accessory
Reference bottle drive adapter
Check rig will indicate whether the torque cells lie within acceptable tolerance limits of calibration
Orbis and Tornado Mk II/Vortex torque cell accuracy check rig
Secure, consistent gripping of Stelvin closures is enabled with this split mandrel
Stelvin aluminium closure split mandrel
Lower torque fixing plate offer highly versatile sample fixturing
Lower fixing plate
upper torque fixing plates offer highly versatile sample fixturing
Upper fixing plate
Gripping the closure without distortion to avoid additional frictional forces is essential for accurate closure torque testing
Custom closure mandrels
A split mandrel allows adjustment to securely grip smooth closures
Custom closure split mandrels
Custom profiled mandrels assure acurate removal torque measurement of CRC caps
CRC mandrel
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate torque testing
V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with quick lock and release lever for Orbis, Tornado, Vortex
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate torque testing
V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with screw adjustment for Orbis, Tornado, Vortex
Accurate closure torque measurement requires vertical movement and rigid drive to the mandrel
Mandrel Peg Drive, 54 mm