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Test tamper-evident closures
Capture both ‘slip’ torque and subsequent ‘bridge’ torque with ease
Versatile mounting table
Adjustable to accommodate fit a wide range of containers. Integrated drip tray captures any sample spillage for ease of cleaning. IP 54 rated
On-board memory
2000 Hz peak capture, store up to 500 results in the Tornado’s internal memory for later transmission and analysis
Pass/fail alerting
Easy-to-read backlit display with colour coded lights give a rapid pass/fail indication
Easy export of results
Export results to a PC, printer or SPC system

Mecmesin’s most advanced manually-operated digital torque tester

The Tornado is an extremely versatile instrument for measuring low-level torques up to 10 N.m. It provides practical operation, combined with advanced features for testing clockwise and counter-clockwise torques easily and accurately.

Tornado is ideal as a versatile, portable closure torque tester
  •  Four capacities: 1.5N.m, 3N.m, 6N.m & 10N.m
  •  Compact, lightweight and easily portable
  •  Mains or battery-powered
  •  RS232 output for easy export of results
  •  Water resistant design, and integrated drip tray captures spillage for easier cleaning when testing carbonated drinks
  •  Multiple measurement units: mN.m, N.m, lbf.in, ozf.in, kgf.cm, etc.
  •  On-site calibration available
Two peak torques are displayed indicating breakaway and bridge valuesThe Tornado allows you to characterise the two critical torque peaks associated with tamper-evident closures; slip torque; effort required to initiate movement of the cap, and bridge torque; the smaller secondary peak associated with the effort required to break the plastic bridges between the cap and the security ring.
LED pass and fail indicators clear show torque values in toleranceTolerance bands for acceptable torque measurements may be pre-defined, and pass/fail parameters established. Five independent settings can then be stored. LED indicators or an audible alarm (or both) then clearly identify samples that do not conform to your exact requirements.
Simple controls, on-board memory and data output of torque measurement results
  •  The Tornado can store up to 500 readings in its internal memory, allowing you to perform many tests in quick succession, and then view or export the results at a later time convenient to you.
  •  Clear, intuitive controls dual-purpose membrane keypad allows quick access to common functions & navigation of the advanced options menu. Features lockable units & ‘max display’ mode.
Software allows analysis of exported closure torque data measured from TornadoVectorProTM Lite connects to your test system or instrument, plotting test data directly onto your PC screen:
  •  View test ‘live’ on PC screen; torque vs time
  •  Perform multiple calculations e.g. peak, trough and average
  •  Easily identify whether sample meets pass/fail criteria
  •  Produce summary test reports with graphical traces
  •  Transfer information to other packages (e.g. Microsoft® Excel or SPC packages) for further analysis
  •  Clockwise and counter-clockwise measurement
  •  Capacities: 1.5, 3, 6 & 10N.m (13, 26, 50 & 90 lbf.in)
  •  Container diameter - 1.5 and 3 N.m models from 10 to 78 mm (0.4" - 3.1")
  •  Container diameter - 6 and 10 N.m models from 10 to 190 mm (0.4" - 7.5")
  •  Load accuracy is ±0.5% of full scale
  •  5000 Hz sampling rate
Accessories for this System
Standard 35 mm pegs
Provides a stable base on which to mount awkwardly-shaped samples
Large saddle plate
Dedicated moulded mandrels avoid distortion of the closure on gripping
Dedicated moulded mandrels
torque cell checkers enable the on-site verification of the torque instrument's calibration status
Orbis and Tornado Mk II torque cell accuracy check rig
Check rig will indicate whether the torque cells lie within acceptable tolerance limits of calibration
Orbis and Tornado Mk II/Vortex torque cell accuracy check rig
Non-thermal printer for digital closure testers
Mettler Toledo printer (UK)
An ideal and simple method for recording force and torque readings
DP1-VR Series 264-Digimatic Mini-Processor (UK)
Extended-length gripping pegs keep taller samples vertically aligned
Set of 4 extended 100 mm pegs
Saddle plates provide a stable base for samples
Small saddle plate
This grip allows smaller samples to be securely held in a centrally-aligned position
Mini V-block
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate torque testing
V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with quick lock and release lever for Orbis, Tornado, Vortex