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Characterise the force and torque of ‘push-and-twist’ child-resistant closures
▪ Simultaneous display of
▪ Assess security &
top-load and release torque
accessibility of CRCs
Versatile mounting table
Adjustable to accommodate fit a wide range of containers. Integrated drip tray captures any sample spillage for ease of cleaning

Mecmesin's dedicated child-resistant closure test instrument, measuring force and torque

The CRC tester from Mecmesin, is a highly accurate tester, capable of measuring both the security and accessibility of child-resistant closures (CRC). The 'push' and 'twist' action used to gain access and open a CRC closure is shown clearly on two dedicated displays for easy identification of both force and torque values.

  •  Simultaneous display of top-load & release torque
  •  Accurate digital force gauge & torque transducer
  •  Test to international standards, including: ASTM D3472-97, ASTM D3475-97, ASTM D3810-97, ASTM D3968-97, ISO 8317
  •  Mains or battery-powered
  •  RS232 output for easy export of results
  •  Multiple measurement units: N, kgf, ozf, mN.m, N.m, lbf.in, ozf.in, kgf.cm, etc.
  •  Compatible with Emperor™ Lite data acquisition software


  •  Load capacity of 500 N (110 lbf)
  •  Torque capacity of 10 N.m (90 lbf.in)
  •  Container diameter from 10 to 190 mm (0.39" - 7.5")
  •  Load accuracy is ±1% of full scale
  •  5000 Hz sampling rate

If consistent test speed and reproducibility are a priority, have a look at our Motorised Torque Test Systems, which can also perform CRC tests.


Accessories for this System
Non-thermal printer for digital closure testers
Mettler Toledo printer (UK)
An ideal and simple method for recording force and torque readings
DP1-VR Series 264-Digimatic Mini-Processor (UK)