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Standalone system – no PC required
Ideal for production areas where throughput, productivity and minimal training are vital. Specifically designed to improve production line efficiency and to reduce wastage
Easy-to use touch screen interface
Fast access to 5 favourite tests. Press 2 buttons to recall a pre-set program and start testing.
Versatile tester
The MultiTest-xt is used to test a variety of closures including compression tests on tamper-proof caps, extraction tests on corks, actuation force tests on pump dispensers and aerosol cans and tensile tests on ring-pulls, snap caps and sports closures

Touch screen control for pull and push testing of all kinds of closures

Operated via an easy-to-use touch screen, our MultiTest-xt test stand enables fast and efficient routine compression and tension testing on the production floor in one complete solution. Suitable for corks, flip-caps, pump dispensers, and tamper-evident mechanism strength.

MultiTest-xt for pull testingMecmesin MultiTest-xt universal testers are designed for use directly within the manufacturing environment. The software controls the system, tracks the test sample, the batch and the operator, and captures the detail you require. It performs calculations on the stored results, and interfaces with SPC systems and other analytical packages. Minimal training is required, to begin quick, accurate and repeatable quality-conformance testing on the production line. With the press of a couple of buttons, sample throughput is maximised, while clear colour-coded pass/fail indicators show instant results. A MultiTest-xt system provides rapid feedback to the production line, reducing wastage and guaranteeing closure performance.

push button favourite testsTest selection includes push-button icons for instant access to your five most frequently used tests. You define the button images and the tests as required, while other tests are easy to find by touch menus. The MultiTest-xt range makes routine quality testing simple.

instant results and live graphingYou set the criteria: colour-coded pass/fail indicators then identify good and bad test samples. See each test progress as a ‘live event’ graph, in order to observe changes in sample performance, or view a batch in tabulated form for comparisons between each sample.

format and print PDF reportsUse a wide range of calculations to evaluate your test results, and to highlight points of interest. Create your own custom report templates or use those provided as standard. Alternatively, send raw data or calculated results for analysis and use in other systems or applications.

fully programmable testingYou can create and store unlimited test programs in your own library, developing and adapting them as your requirements change. A MultiTest-xt selected for its tensile testing capabilities is always tomorrow’s compression tester too.

And for security, password protected areas ensure everyday operators cannot accidentally change programs or settings.

export or transfer dataThe Emperor™-xt software behind each MultiTest-xt enables export of data direct to an SPC system, a remote PC, printer or datalogger, for further detailed analysis and reporting.

  •  Auto recognition and configuration of loadcells
  •  An upgrade option to run programs written in Mecmesin’s more powerful Emperor™ Advanced Program Builder
  •  Software load holding
  •  Digital I/O for interface with a PLC/Digital Control Interface
  •  Maximum load of 2.5 kN (550 lbf)
  •  Crosshead movement up to 590 mm (23.2")*
  •  13 different loadcell capacities, from 2 N to 2.5 kN (0.45 to 550 lbf)
  •  Load resolution of 1:6500 or better
  •  Loadcell accuracy: ±0.1 of full scale
  •  Speed range of 1 to 1000 mm/min (0.04 to 40"/min), 1 to 750 mm/min (0.04 to 30"/min) above 2 kN
  •  Weight 26.5 kg (59 lb)

* measured without loadcell or grips (see technical datasheet for loadcell measurements)

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Accessories for this System
Holds different shapes and sizes of containers for tensile tests
Large container holder (4-peg adjustable)
Securely holds different shapes and small sizes of containers during tensile testing
Small container holder (4-peg adjustable)
 Fits under flip caps to pull up and testtheir opening force
Flip cap accessory
Swivel hooks are used to pull samples eyelets
Swivel test hook
small pinch grip
Small pinch grip
Testing cork extraction force up tomagnum size is enabled with this rig
Cork extraction test jig - 1000N
The covers offer protection to motorised MultiTest 2.5-xt test stands in dusty and dirty environments
Dust cover, MultiTest 2.5-xt
Testing the pull-off tensile strength of a sports cap closure requires custom fixtures
Sports cap closure pull-off fixture
Powdered drink container closure inner film peel testing for seal quality
Metal inner seal peel testing fixture
Adjustable V-jaws
Tension test to pull apart a container valve closure assembly
Container valve pull-out fixtures
Testing the actuation force of a cosmetics pump dispenser with contents
Pump dispenser container fixture
A dispensing cap's attachment strength should be higher than the force to open the closure lid
Flip cap attachment strength fixtures
Scure gripping of the metal container and closure is essential for accurate pull-off force measurement
Pull-off fixtures for metal closure and container
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate force testing
432-677 V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with quick lock and release lever
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate force testing
432-678 V-jaw vice clamp, four jaws with screw-action adjustment