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The customer, AMORIM & IRMÃOS, S.A – Unidade Industrial da Valada, required an economic and easy-to-use system to test the extraction force of corks from glass wine bottles. The test specifies a speed of 300mm/min according to ISO 9727 and the corkscrew should be applied to a depth of minimum 3mm below the base of the cork.


A corkscrew with a ‘loop handle was used so that it could be placed easily in a fixed test hook. The corkscrew was first screwed into the cork by the operator ready for loading onto the hook. The bottle was then held down to the base plate of the test stand by a collar mechanism, positioned over the neck of the bottle. The collar mechanism was made freely adjustable on two rods to allow testing of bottles of varying heights. The peak tension-force to extract the cork was then recorded on the gauge.

Supplied to: AMORIM & IRMÃOS, S.A (formerly VASCONCELOS & LYNCKE, S. A.), Portugal

Extracting a wine cork to ISO 9727 ensures consistent closure performance
Securing the glass bottle and pulling the cork with appropiate gripping is required to measure extraction force

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