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VTG Tornado, IP54 rated touchscreen digital torque tester

The most advanced touchscreen digital torque tester

Mecmesin's VTG Tornado is portable and rated to IP54 for testing the applied and release torque of a diverse range of products. Measures up to 10 N.m (90 lbf.in) of opening and closing torque of caps/closures. Record live and peak readings with much greater accuracy, with a touchscreen dual-zone display for live graphical plot of torque applied, as well as statistical overview and calculations.


  • Four capacities:
    1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6N.m & 10N.m
  • Compact, lightweight and easily portable
  • Mains or battery-powered
  • RS232 output for easy export of results
  • Water resistant design, and integrated drip tray captures spillage for easier cleaning when testing carbonated drinks
  • Multiple measurement units: mN.m, N.m, lbf.in, ozf.in, kgf.cm, etc.
  • On-site and return to manufacturer calibration available

Tamper Evident closure testing

The VTG Tornado allows you to characterise the critical torque peaks associated with tamper-evident closures.

  • Slip torque
    The effort required to initiate movement of the cap
  • Bridge torque
    The smaller secondary peak associated with the effort required to break the plastic bridges between the cap and the security ring

Pass/Fail alerting

Tolerance bands for acceptable torque measurements may be pre-defined, and pass/fail parameters established.

Five independent settings can then be stored. The indicators and pre-alert indicator then clearly identify samples that do not conform to your exact requirements.

On-board memory, simple controls


  • The VTG Tornado can store up to 500 readings in its internal memory, allowing you to perform many tests in quick succession, and then view or export the results at a later time convenient to you.
  • Clear, intuitive touchscreen controls on the dual-zone display allows quick access to common functions and navigation of the advanced options menu.
  • Operator password-protected lock function for units of measurement.

VectoPro Lite data capture and analysis software

Software allows analysis of exported closure torque data measured from TornadoVectorPro Lite connects to your test system or instrument, plotting test data directly onto your PC screen:

  •  View test ‘live’ on PC screen; torque vs time
  •  Perform multiple calculations e.g. peak, trough and average
  •  Easily identify whether sample meets pass/fail criteria
  •  Produce summary test reports with graphical traces
  •  Transfer information to other packages (e.g. Microsoft® Excel or SPC packages) for further analysis

Technical specification summary

  • 5" colour touchscreen dual-zone display 
  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise measurement
  • Capacities: 1.5, 3, 6 & 10N.m (13, 26, 50 & 90 lbf.in)
  • Container diameter - 1.5 and 3 N.m models from 10 to 78 mm (0.4" - 3.1")
  • Container diameter - 6 and 10 N.m models from 10 to 190 mm (0.4" - 7.5")
  • Load accuracy is ±0.5% of full scale
  • 5,000,000 Hz sampling rate

Technical specification summary

Measurement range

The VTG Tornado measures from zero to the value indicated in the table below

  VTG Tornado
Model 1.5 3 6 10
N.m 1.5 3 6 10
N.cm 150 300 600 1,000
lbf.in 13 26 50 90
kgf.cm 15 30 60 100


eg. VTG Tornado 10 when measuring in newton-centimetres (N.cm) has a resolution of 0.02 N.cm 


±0.5 % of full scale
eg. VTG Tornado 10 has a full-scale capacity of 1,000 N.cm so is accurate to ± 5 N.cm at any point between 0 - 1,000 N.cm

Units of measurement

mN.m, N.cm, N.m, gf.cm, kgf.cm, kgf.m, ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft

Sampling Rate

5,000,000 Hz 

Overload Rating

150% of full-scale 



303 mm


127 mm


278 mm


3 kg

Container Holder

  VTG Tornado
Model 1.5  10
Min & Max opening (mm) 10 - 78 10 - 78 10 - 190 10 - 190