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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have undertaken an international conservation initiative to preserve seed specimens of over 24,000 plant species, protecting them from extinction at the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place, West Sussex. Scientists at the Millennium Seed Bank required a simple, yet consistently accurate method of achieving a hermetic seal on the seed bottle caps.


Mecmesin supplied Kew's Millennium Seed Bank with an Orbis 6N.m system, that allows them to precisely quantify the torque applied to the bottle caps on closure. This is critical, if the caps are screwed on too tightly or too loosely, the seal will be compromised and moisture may penetrate the bottle, destroying its contents and possibly losing valuable plant species for future generations. The Orbis 6N.m, a compact and simple-to-use system provides a highly accurate, yet cost-effective solution to their needs.

The Millennium Seed Bank had a need to quantify the tightness of screw capped bottles used for long term storage of wild plant seed. Having established the optimum torque, the Orbis 6N.m. is used routinely to maintain the correct tightness of the bottles. The design of the Orbis makes it simple to use and easy to adapt to different containers.

Keith Manger, Laboratory Manager Kew's Millennium Seed Bank
Simple manual removal torque measurement allows optimising the sealing qualities of the closure
Plastic caps with a liner can be quickly tested for application torque with a manual digital tester

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