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▪ Suitable for limited budgets
Easy-to-use affordable motorised closure torque tester
▪ Precision-controlled digital system
▪ Test straight out of the box
▪ Supports 7 European languages
Versatile and precise
Multiple closure torque testing applications – including CRCs
1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, 10 N.m torque transducers
Extensive range of grips and fixtures
4 pre-set modes - run to or between angles, run to break, run to torque
Speed range from 0.1 rev/min to 30 rev/min
Control panel
Visual multifunction wheel - fine control setting of speed and angle
Coloured LEDs around the multi-function wheel indicate machine status during testing
4 multifunction buttons for all settings and operation
Clear display of speed, angle and torque
VectorPro™ Lite test data acquisition software
▪ Collect and control your test data
▪ Drag & drop test building & results calculation
▪ Add pass/fail criteria
▪ Store test routines for repeat use
▪ Report results & export to SPC systems
▪ Personalised user accounts and access
▪ Multi-language switching

Versatile and affordable closure torque tester

The Vortex-dV is a precision-controlled motorised stand with a choice of torque transducers, an AFTI digital torque display and data capture unit, and a range of grips and fixtures. This robust and simple to use system is suited to either R&D in the laboratory, or quality control in the production area. It improves greatly on manual units with accurate gripping and precise speed control, and in batch testing, eliminates user repetitive strain injury.

Add VectorPro™ Lite software to a Vortex-dV with AFG, for data acquisition and analysis, and storage of regular test routines.


Vortex-dV has simple controls
  •   4 models: 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, 10 N.m
  •   Outstanding value, superior motorised torque tester with top-load capability
  •   Simple controls backed by sophisticated electronics
  •   Precise control of speed and position setting
  •   Versatile, rugged and reliable, with splash-proof casing
  •   Ideal choice for routine testing when combined with the AFTI gauge
Vortex-dV has simple controls
  •   Manual bidirectional control
  •   Run to or between target angular positions
  •   Run to break
  •   Run to torque
  •   clear colour displayClear, colour display, with continuous live readings, indication of status, rotational speed, angle, and (with AFTI connected) torque.
  •   Just four multifunction buttons for all settings and operation, with multi-language display.
Multifunction wheel has illuminated colour indication of status
  •   Fine control allows precise setting of speed and angular position, and all test parameters. The centre button confirms menu settings.
  •   Coloured LEDs clearly indicate machine status during testing.

Advanced Force and Torque Indicator for Vortex-dVThe AFTI interacts with the Vortex-dV to receive, store and transmit torque data, capture first and ultimate peak values, with pass/fail indicator, and can be used to set control limits for the Vortex-dV. (Order separately).

  •   Measure torque, tension or compression
  •   View 1st peak & ultimate max readings
  •   Audible and visual pass/fail alarms
  •   Store up to 500 readings in the memory
  •   Reversible display

VectorPro Lite closure torque graph with annotationsConnect to a PC with VectorPro™ Lite software, for:

  •   storage of test routine settings and calculations
  •   data acquisition
  •   live graph plotting
  •   results storage, reporting and exporting
  •   basic statistics.
Vortex-dV system with loadcell and AFTI connected
  •   Choice of transducers: 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, 10 N.m (13 lbf.in, 26 lbf.in, 52 lbf.in, 90 lbf.in)
  •  Maximum travel of adjustable transducer carriage: 182 mm (7.2″)
  •  Maximum headroom: 505 mm (19.9″) [448 mm (17.6″)]*
  •  Width between columns 280 mm (11.02″)
  •  Weight 19.5 kg (48 lb)
  •  Power requirements: 230 V AC 50 Hz, or 110 V AC 60 Hz
  •  Max power: 100 W
  •  Torque accuracy: 0.5% of full scale
  •  Torque units: mN.m, N.m, kgf.cm, lbf.in, ozf.in (as per AFTI)
  •  Speed range: 0.1 rev/min to 30 rev/min (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  •  Speed accuracy: ±1% of indicated speed
  •  Speed resolution: 0.01 rev/min, (0.1°/s)
  •  Maximum displacement: 9999 revs
  •  Displacement accuracy: 0.2° per 36,000°
  •  Displacement resolution: 0.1° (0.001 rev)

* with upper and lower mounting table fitted

Accessories for this System
Provides a stable base on which to mount awkwardly-shaped samples
Large saddle plate
Secure, consistent gripping of Stelvin closures is enabled with this pneumatic split mandrel
Stelvin aluminium closure split mandrel, pneumatic
Secure, consistent gripping of cork closures is enabled with this split mandrel
Split-mandrel cork grip
keyless chucks offer adjustability in gripping samples
Upper keyless chuck, square drive
Keyless chucks allow quick-change adjustability in gripping samples
Lower keyless chuck, large, round shaft
Keyless chucks are available for quick-change lower fixturing
Lower keyless chuck small
Efficient testing is facilitated by this pneumatic sample lifing mechanism
Pneumatic lift mechanism, Vortex
Dedicated moulded mandrels avoid distortion of the closure on gripping
Dedicated moulded mandrels
Dust covers offer protection to test stands in dusty and dirty environments
Dust cover, MultiTest and Vortex
Torque reference bottle
Check rig will indicate whether the torque cells lie within acceptable tolerance limits of calibration
Orbis and Tornado Mk II/Vortex torque cell accuracy check rig
Secure, consistent gripping of Stelvin closures is enabled with this split mandrel
Stelvin aluminium closure split mandrel
upper torque fixing plates offer highly versatile sample fixturing
Upper fixing plate
Gripping the closure without distortion to avoid additional frictional forces is essential for accurate closure torque testing
Custom closure mandrels
A split mandrel allows adjustment to securely grip smooth closures
Custom closure split mandrels
Custom profiled mandrels assure acurate removal torque measurement of CRC caps
CRC mandrel
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate torque testing
V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with quick lock and release lever for Orbis, Tornado, Vortex
V-jaw vice clamp grips low-friction plastic surfaces for accurate torque testing
V-jaw vice clamp, three jaws with screw adjustment for Orbis, Tornado, Vortex
Accurate closure torque measurement requires vertical movement and rigid drive to the mandrel
Mandrel Peg Drive, 54 mm