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Delivering Engineering Excellence
Closure testing can be complex and difficult to achieve with accuracy and repeatability. Consideration of the way the closure sample is gripped, minimising distortion, and the need for a constant rotation speed or consistent axial loading are essential for valid results. At Mecmesin our experienced team of engineers design force and torque systems with gripping fixtures to your exact requirements, so that you can apply industry standard test methods for quality control in both design and routine testing on the production floor.
Committed to Customer Satisfaction
At Mecmesin we look to establish a personal relationship with our customers, providing high levels of service and quality underpinned with a consistent value for money approach. With almost 40 years experience, backed up by UK manufacture, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs and budget, as well as the support required to ensure long-term testing success.
Experts in Caps and Closure Testing
Whether you need to measure the slip & bridge torque on tamper-evident closures, the actuation force on pump dispensers, the 'push' and 'twist' action used to open CRCs or the extraction force of corks Mecmesin test systems provide the solution. Our affordable range of force and torque measuring instruments & systems can save you money and enhance your brand reputation by ensuring consistency of material performance; products are fit for purpose; defects are identified, and compliance with industry standards.
Supplier of Choice
Caps and closures are integral parts of product packaging, available in many designs including child-resistant, tamper-evident, ROPP, crown, flip-cap, snap-cap, sports, spray and pump dispensers and cork. Mecmesin supplies solutions for all these closure types to customers from industries such as food & beverage, medical & pharma through to personal care.
Global Company
Mecmesin is headquartered in the UK with sales offices in the USA, Germany, France, Thailand and China. In addition we are represented by a global network of distributors in more than 50 countries, who provide technical expertise and after-sales support to customers locally.
Comprehensive Calibration and Support Services
To ensure your tests get underway smoothly, whilst maintaining optimum performance of your Mecmesin product, we offer a range of services:
Training - Once you have purchased a Mecmesin closure tester one of our technical sales engineers or a Mecmesin representative will visit you to install the product and train your personnel to use the product effectively for your application testing needs.
Comprehensive Calibration and Support Services
Calibration, Service and Repair - Offering our customers the highest level of ongoing support and after sales service is Mecmesin's priority. Our calibration services ensure you can use Mecmesin products to obtain the accurate test results you need. We can undertake an on-site verification service at your premises, saving you both time and money, or, alternatively, can perform a comprehensive calibration service at our headquarters in the UK.
Custom-design Grips and Fixture Service
If you have a sample that cannot be accomodated with one of our standard grips or fixtures, our expert-in-house engineering team can design bespoke and innovative grips and fixtures to your exact requirements, assuring axial alignment, secure holding and minimal deformation.

Mecmesin is an established market leader in the design and manufacture of closure testing solutions, from simple, manual closure testers through to complex automated closure testing systems.  Since 1977 we have assisted thousands of companies achieve enhanced quality control in design and production.

Our group headquarters are in the United Kingdom, but we also have a North American headquarters in Sterling, Virginia and sales offices in France, Germany, Thailand and China.  In addition we are represented by a global network of distributors in more than 50 countries, who provide technical expertise and after-sales support to customers locally.