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Increased productivity, less production downtime
Early identification of capping head adjustment requirements
Repeatable testing
Ensures accurate, consistent results every time
Selectable pre-programmed tests for quick test initiation. Minimal involvement from the operator eliminates repetitive strain injury
Integrate with factory quality control systems
Monitor and record production

The Mecmesin ABC-t Automated Bottle Closue Tester measures both slip and bridge torques on a range of Roll on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) closures, with all test results stored and exportable to peripheral devices, spreadsheets and SPC packages. 

Mecmesin is a long-established provider of digital closure testing instruments and systems.  In response to requests from our users, and using our acknowledged design experience, we have created the ABC-t automated closure tester.  This offer the immediate benefits of greatly increased test throughtput, and elimination of repetitive strain injury by operators twisting many closures.

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  •  Preprogrammable tests easily selectable
  •  Closures reapplied to prevent spillage
  •  Complete process enables repeatable and consistent results
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Simplicity of use
  •  Early identification of capping head adjustment requirements
  •  Eliminate repetitive strain injury

All sample positioning and testing movements are programmed and pneumatically controlled.  Test control and results analysis are performed by Mecmesin's proven Emperor™ software.

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