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Accessory Name: 
Custom container alignment fixture
Accessories Description: 
Accurate measurement of the torque characteristics of closure systems requires alignment of the rotational components. In the case of large or irregularly shaped products, custom designed fixtures may be needed to assure concentricity of the closure with the crosshead, and permit adequate clearance throughout the complete angle of rotation performed in the test. A manufacturer of hygienic disposal bins came to us with a nappy (diaper) disposal unit with a rotary intake mechanism. The bin was 30 cm wide and the opening at 45 degrees, making holding of the bin for proper axial rotation somewhat difficult. Mecmesin designed a rotating platform at 45 degrees to rotate the bin about the axis of the rotating mechanism, but the width required an additional modification of our standard Vortex torque tester for increased column separation. The result was a tester for rapid and effective, repeatable testing to ensure consistent quality of the manufactured units.
Axial alignment of the closure rotational axis with the container finish is essential for torque measurement