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A manufacturer of a wide range of skin, hair-care, make-up and sun-care products based in Greece needed to replace their outdated torque testers with up-to-date digital torque testers to guarantee production quality and to ensure their products remained sealed.

The new torque tester had to be able to test tamper-evident closures for breakaway (or slip) torque and bridge torque on a wide range of plastic and glass bottles and pots. The torque testers had to have clear intuitive controls, with easy-to-read pass/fail parameters, an on-board memory to keep statistical results, and also had to be waterproof for testing on the production floor.


Mecmesin supplied the customer with two Tornado 10 N.m digital torque testers, which have the ability to test tamper-evident closures, an intrinsic part of their specification.  The 4 peg clamping method was favoured as it was the most versatile way to hold a variety of containers. The peak torque readings were clearly visible to all operators who used the data output facility to record the results on a statistical printer.

The manufacturer, who received training and technical instructions as part of the after-sales support offered by Mecmesin distributors, said they chose the Tornado digital torque tester because it’s reliable and offers value for money.

A Manual torque tester with the ability to display first and second peaks is ideal for TE closures
Unscrewing the closure by hand is an easy and quick torque value test

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