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Rugged design
IP54-rated stainless steel housing makes it ideal for laboratory and clean test environments
Easy-to-read display
Clear digital display of clockwise and anti-clockwise torque results for screw cap closures up to 5 N.m
Easy export of results
Export results to a printer or statistical mini-processor

A tough and affordable digital cap torque tester for measuring screw cap opening and closing torque

The CAPTEST is a tough and affordable manual digital cap torque tester, measuring clockwise and anticlockwise torques up to 5 N.m. It can be combined with a printer or statistical mini-processor for regular, repetitive testing of screw-top closures. Its smooth stainless steel housing makes it ideal for clean test environments.

Orbis is ideal as a simple, portable closure torque tester
  •  Clockwise and counter-clockwise torques
  •  Simple controls and clear display—continuous reading or peak capture
  •  Stores up to 240 peak torque readings
  •  Mains or battery-powered
  •  Adjustable clamp 15 mm – 130 mm
  •  Capacity 5 N.m
CAPTEST has stainless steel construction and carry handle
  •  Integrated drip tray to capture spillages.
  •  IP54-rated stainless steel housing.
  •  Robust construction of the clamping fixture guarantee continuous and reliable operation in laboratory and tough production environments.
  •  72 hours continuous use between charging or use with mains power.
  •  Overload protection.
Simple key controls, clear display of closure torque measurement
  •  Fully adjustable clamp (15 mm - 130 mm).
  •  Clear digital display of continuous torque reading or peak, when in capture mode.
  •  Stores up to 240 readings in non volatile memory
Software allows analysis of exported closure torque data measured from TornadoThe RS-232 connection allows readings to be sent to a printer (e.g. EPSON P40) or statistical processor, individually or by batch.
  •  Capacity of 5 N.m (44.2 lbf.in)
  •  Peak measurement from 0.2 N.m to 5 N.m (1.8 lbf.in to 44.2 lbf.in)
  •  Display resolution: 0.01 N.m (0.01 lbf.in)
  •  Accuracy better than 1% of full scale
  •  Mechanical end-stop overload protection to min. 200% full scale
  •  Sampling rate: 250 Hz (continuous mode), 8 or 60 Hz (peak mode)
  •  Grip capacity: 15 - 130 mm (5.1 in)
  •  Weight: 2.3 kg (5.1 lb)
  •  Dimensions: W 180 mm × D 170 mm × H 150 mm (7.1 in × 6.7 in × 5.9 in)

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